Youth Programs

Key activities for DBC Education Impact:

Each student will participate in a pre training seminar that will cover the four phases of production where youth will learn story development, basic camera operations, basic light & sound techniques, advanced editing software, special effects and graphics, and distribution.  The program will recognize that art is a vehicle that can be used to engage youth in activities that will increase their self-esteem. The delivery of the programs will be a collaborative effort among the artists, production team members, youth, and family. Age-appropriate responsibilities will be essential in developing appropriate activities. The program will emphasize dynamic teaching tactics such as hands-on learning, apprentice relationships, and the use of technology. Each program segment will culminate in a worldwide broadcast of the internet based television shows in an effort to build participants’ self-esteem through public recognition.

Program planning will be critical and will address the following: goals of the program; site selection; population; developing relationships among team members; methods for youth involvement in planning; curriculum design; transportation; safety; incentives; behavioral requirements; program growth; balance of art program and other program objectives; balance of process and product; student recognition of achievements; family, community, and volunteer involvement.

To evaluate the programs, a committee of administrative and artistic staff (both youth and adults) will clearly define program goals and intended outcomes, and monitor and document program implementation and the service-delivery processes.

How To Get Involved

We are seeking people to be part of the production team for our news show, our talk show, the new Detroit based sitcom, and the cooking show. We need writers, reporters, video and lighting technicians, website experts, live internet streaming specialists, artists, set designers, actors and actresses, wardrobe designers, sound engineers, set construction, marketing and PR, catering and much more. Please e-mail with “DBC Inquiry” in the subject heading if you are interested in earning a piece of the company by providing a service to the community. What we have is a building that is in the process of being transformed into a TV productions studio, a news station and media space for anyone who needs a place to produce and publish media. We also have a mobile news station that was funded by the Harpo Foundation. The mobile New Newstand for New News will go directly into the neighborhoods with reporters sending stories back to the station.


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