Indroducing the Detroit Broadcasting Company

Councilman Kenneth Cockrel, Jr

Detroit Councilman Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. on Tonight@theCAID

The Detroit Broadcasting Company – an agent for positive social change.

Creating media for the people, by the people, The Detroit Broadcasting Company (DBC) is a socially conscious for-profit company that is 100% owned and controlled by its employees–grass roots nonprofits, and people from the communities that DBC reaches and serves. DBC serves the community through producing internet based television programming including a Detroit based sitcom, a cooking show hosted by Detroit youth and a talk show that features people from Detroit who impact our politics, culture, and society. The talk show, the first program in production, completed its first season this year and is available to view online at:

The company’s goals are guided by the mission, values and vision of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, its founding non-profit member. The purpose of DBC is to create positive social change in Detroit through media.

There are currently five programs either already in production or in the planning phases of production.   These programs are Tonight@theCAID, Detroit’s World Kitchen, Lambert Street, New Newsstand for New News, and The Anchor Room. (Please refer to the more detailed descriptions on this site of the 5 program components.)

How To Get Involved

Musical artists Invicible performing live at Tonight@theCAID

We are seeking people to be part of the production team for our news show, our talk show, the new Detroit based sitcom, and the cooking show. We need writers, reporters, video and lighting technicians, website experts, live internet streaming specialists, artists, set designers, actors and actresses, wardrobe designers, sound engineers, set construction, marketing and PR, catering and much more. Please e-mail with “DBC Inquiry” in the subject heading if you are interested in earning a piece of the company by providing a service to the community. What we have is a building that is in the process of being transformed into a TV productions studio, a news station and media space for anyone who needs a place to produce and publish media. We also have a mobile news station that was funded by the Harpo Foundation. The mobile New Newstand for New News will go directly into the neighborhoods with reporters sending stories back to the station.